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The Axis Grand

The Axis Grand is a 55” or 65” multi-touch unit which can be operated as a flat table or be tilted and electronically raised to operate as a whiteboard or classroom screen.

axis grand 1 axis grand 2  axis grand 3  axis grand 4

It can also be locked in any position between flat and vertical. With lockable wheels, solid aluminium build and toughened safety glass screen, the Axis is suitable for use in classrooms from primary to further education.

The Axis Grand comes with a wide range of relevant software and as it operates from an integral windows PC, there is also almost unlimited functionality as additional software can be downloaded quickly and easily.

  • Twelve point touch
  • Table/Screen/Desk
  • Great for group work and collaboration
  • Toughened safety glass screen
  • Tilting and lockable screen position
  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Suitable from primary to tertiary education
  • Built in whiteboard and software
  • High spec industrial PC
Screen size 55” or 65”
Weight 100 kilos+
Power 240V
Standard PC I3, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, On-board GPU graphics, Windows OS (i5 and i7 also available)
Display PCAP
Build Aluminium body and toughened safety glass screen

Axis 42

The axis 42, along with the larger Axis 65, is a muti-purpose multi-touch table and teacher’s aid for use in both primary and secondary school settings. It transforms simply and quickly from a table to a vertical portrait screen and is electronically height adjustable meaning it can also be used as a presentation screen or small interactive whiteboard too.

Axis Axis Axis

It comes on lockable wheels meaning it can be used in different parts of the school, has 6 mm of toughed safety glass on the screen and is built from solid aluminium.

It comes with a comprehensive software package as standard and this can be easily added to or updated as it has a windows operating system meaning most educational software is compatible.

Our cloud based application store allows clients to purchase additional titles simply and you can add your own software too!

The Axis 42 is focused on Key stage 2 and the pre-supplied software reflects this. In table form it can be used by students to do research, complete group tasks around language, literacy, numeracy, geography, create art work or music, prepare documents and reports and even put together presentations.

In portrait, it can still do the above but also be used for whole of class work as a white board or to visit websites and so on.

The Tilt & Touch 'E'

tilt-and-touchThe Tilt & Touch E is the next generation of table for the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key stage 1.

It still has the same robust build and operates on the same principles as the Tilt & Touch, but has the added feature of additional multi-touch capability and software, an upgraded PC and operating system.

The software still mirrors the EYFS and the table is set-up to allow the children to lead the learning in complete safety, but the additional capability extends the options available in both EYFS and KS1 and widens the age groups that can use and benefit from the table. The addition of the comprehensive snowflake software suite and other multi-touch applications extends the educational opportunities presented by the table, going into greater detail in the key areas of numeracy, literacy, creativity, science and the world we live in.

Key Features

  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • Tilting and lockable screen
  • 12-point multi-touch
  • Safe and navigable menu for child-led learning
  • Single touch capability to encourage turn-taking and socialisation
  • Lockable wheels for easy movement
  • Tough aluminium body
  • Comprehensive software package as standard
  • Can work on Wi-Fi, hard wire or internet free


Dimensions (Flat) Height 53cm, Length 90cm, Width 62cm
Weight 50kg
Power 24 Volts
Colour Any colour from our RAL range
Warranty 1 year on-site & remote maintenance warranty, further years cover available
PC spec i3 processor, 4G RAM, 160 G hard drive, Windows embedded
Touch Infra-red sensor
Display 32” CD TFT

Digital Nursery Tilt and Touch Table

tiltntouchThe Tilt and Touch Digital Nursery is a single touch widescreen computer built into a solid and robust single piece of aluminium. This is moulded to form a table which is of comparable height with a nursery/infant table when flat but can be tilted through 75 degrees before being locked in place.

It is great for individual group and whole class sessions, mirroring the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum and covering creativity, numeracy, literacy, letter formation, music, art and much more, it is also a great tool for getting children to turn take, share and communicate.

  • 6mm toughened safety glass screen
  • Tilting and lockable screen position
  • Lockable wheels to allow use throughout the setting
  • Ten pieces of age appropriate software as standard
  • Hundreds more to download quickly and easily
  • Safe and navigable menu screen for child led learning
  • Route 2’s secure internet browser
  • Excellent and on-going service and support
Dimensions (flat) H 53cm, L 90 cm, w 62cm at its widest point
Weight 50kg
Power 24 V
Colour Any colour from our RAL range
Warranty I year on-site warranty for purchase/full maintenance for rental scheme
Standard PC Spec Intel Celeron, Minimum 2Gb RAM & 80Gb Hard drive, Windows 7, infrared touchscreen technology, sound
Display 32 inch LCD TFT

C-Point Interactive Table

table1The Digital Nursery Interactive table is a great way for kids to learn while having fun. Covering the six Early Learning Goals, it combines fun games and activities with creativity, learning about maths, the world around us, emotions, responsibility, music with lots of other fun and educational programs available besides.

Designed at the same height as a normal nursery table and built of solid aluminium with a safety glass touchscreen the table will withstand all that nursery life can throw at it. It has wireless capability and comes equipped with lockable wheels so it can be moved and then used securely anywhere across the setting.

digital-table-07 digital-table-04


Digital Notice Board

dp1Digital Nursery's Notice board is a great way of communicating with parents and visitors and of showing all the best aspects of your nursery. Try as you might, parents don't always read the newsletters or paper notices, but a bright colourful screen which shows photos, videos, power point, children's art work, PDFs and has a ticker tape message running along the bottom of the screen will always grab the attention.

It is so simple to program, even for those less comfortable with technology(about a minute for a standard presentation) that parents can see video or photographs of what their children have been doing the same day when they come to pick them up.
You can even split the screen using the power point on one side to perhaps show the menu for the day or the week while using the other side for photos or videos.

The ticker tape can be used for anything from reminding parents that fees are due to letting them know about upcoming events, changes to arrangements and pieces of important news.

All these things will be there for parents to see as they wait for their son's or daughter's photo or piece of art work to appear.

See Route 2 Education Technology's Digital Table in action:

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